Cleaning Services Dubai

Everyday routine options of cleaning the house are sometimes very tiring so it’s obviously convenient when someone else assists. We believe that there are so many ways for better spending your time.

Book a maid service or contact a trusted cleaning company in Dubai to solve the dilemma of responsibilities and leisure.

Choose the best way of scheduling the day and the professional cleaners will do the rest.

Cleaners in Dubai

We have the team of well-trained and deep experienced cleaning stuff which is able to clean any type of surface or material.

It’s a well-known fact that some happy moments (anniversaries, events, meeting, etc.) may turn into a big cleanup in the end, so we are always here to help you enjoy all the precious moments without any hustle or concern.

Cleaning Services Dubai

What are we good at

Carpet and rug cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaners achieve the best result after the work is done. We choose both appropriate techniques and chemicals to reach the preferred combination of competitive prices and the best possible outcomes. We are specialized in carpet shampooing as well as in dry carper cleaning. Regular professional carpet cleaning will save the carpet safe, tidy and hygienic.

Vacuum cleaning

Choose a trusted home maid specialist to make your home clean and cozy as a palace. Vacuum cleaning support is substantial to any cleaning process especially in large apartments or villas. Save time and let us do our best to purify the floors, walls and any other places of difficult access.

House cleaning services

We provide the complex services of total cleaning the house. This include the wet cleaning, vacuum cleaning, washing the dishes and cleaning the internal windows, etc. The spectrum of the works is negotiated with a client to find the optimum price for the services provided.

Office cleaning

A standard working day is one third of the whole day of your life. So it’s vitally to spend this time in a comfortable, clean and modern office room. The quality of your business premises and offices is the indicator of the overall success and professionalism of your entrepreneurship. We are the certified office cleaning specialists in Dubai and we create solutions for any type of business despite of its volume.

Window (glass) cleaning

The perfect shine of home or office windows is our aim when conducting the contract with a customer. It’s very important that the methods of windows cleaning we utilize are modern and up-to-date and let the cleaning process be fast, effective and efficient. Sparkling window glasses are an evitable part of any place worthy to return.

Floor cleaners

We use eco-friendly compounds and chemicals which are harmless both for the humans, pets and the floor materials. The years of professionalism and experience have been converted into effective methods of clearing the enormous floor areas in a comparative short time achieving the valuable result for all of our clients. Contact us to make your apartments clean, tidy and hygienic.

Sofa cleaning

The first thing in sofa cleaning for us is the deep expertise of upholstery fabric, the source and level of soiling and the manufacturer requirements regarding the methods and types of cleaning techniques. Taking all these factors into consideration we find the optimum way to remove stains and clean the surface of a sofa and other furnishing. Our sophisticated cleaning approaches result in extended useful lives of your furniture.

Mattress cleaning

We provide the best mattress cleaning services in Dubai utilizing the most progressive and completely dry and chemicals-free systems for your comfort. Our professional cleaners guarantee that the quality of your sleeping facilities will improve using medical sanitation and total cleaning approaches. Keeping a mattress cleaned protect you from many diseases and complications.

Villa cleaning

We provide complex villa cleaning services including deep cleaning, cleaning of common living areas, cleaning of certain areas, etc. If you want your family to live in a healthy environment, call us and spend at least 4 hours enjoying with kids, friends, relatives. During this time we will make your home as clean and tidy as a five star luxury hotel. We are aware of the latest trends in cleaning techniques and chemicals-free fluids to achieve ecological and healthy result of provided services.

Why you can trust us

Obvious reasons and essential factors for choosing prefossional services offered by ATIS Technical Services L.L.C.

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