About Us

ATIS Technical Services L.L.C. is the advantageous choice among home maintenance companies in Dubai, UAE. We are concentrated on rendering extra-quality maintenance services for both households and commercial organizations.

Our day-to-day working formula is deep experience + efficient & effective results + dedication to what we do. This simple but productive combination leads every project we undertake to the highest possible level of service.

About Us

Deep Experience

  • Numerous innovative projects related both to residential & commercial properties
  • Top quality technical experts and experienced maintenance professionals
  • Professional competence and due care to act diligently and in accordance with applicable technical standards

Efficient & effective results

  • The system of complete project management: comfortable one-stop-shop for our clients
  • Integrity basis: honest and straightforward business relationships
  • Cost-effective and money-saving solution for both large and small clients


  • Outstanding customer service and warranty period for the best clients’ demand satisfaction
  • Regular development in practice and techniques to provide competent professional services
  • Open to discuss any concerns about your property anytime. Every time we listen – we provide the solution

Our mission is to become the key Dubai home maintenance provider delivering top quality comprehensive services through eco-friendly and innovative technologies. Client’s safety and comfort are our number one priority. We work to exceed the clients’ expectation.

Our Benefits

  • 24/7 availability;
  • Quick and productive diagnostics of any technical incident;
  • Full equipment of instruments and materials to complete the request at once on arrival;
  • Warranty obligations for all services;
  • Flexible, multilingual and customer-oriented support service and call center;
  • Fast respond to emergency call outs within 30 minutes.

Our clients may choose single services or preferred customized home maintenance packages to achieve desired value for the money spent.

Why you can trust us

Obvious reasons and essential factors for choosing prefossional services offered by ATIS Technical Services L.L.C.

innovative techniques
transparent pricing
24/7 availability